Staff Resettlement Services

The Red Snapper Group provides re settlement services for front line crime and offender management staff that are to be made redundant.

Our service is both informative and proactive. We sit at the centre of all job markets which require the skill sets associated with crime detection/prevention, offender supervision and regulatory enforcement and compliance. As a result we're able to give detailed constructive advice as to where these highly trained staff can take they can skills in terms of future work,

Each job seeker is allocated a back to work advisor who will provide ongoing support beyond the initial hour and half re settlement session. The back to work advisor will proactively approach new employers on the job seeker's behalf.

Our service consists of an hour and a half interview and training session and an allocation of a back to work advisor for ongoing support. Set out below is the agenda of the initial meeting.
An overview of the skill sets applied beyond their current work sector

CV writing service

Interview technique and preparation session

Job hunting methods briefing

Allocation of a back to work advisor who will proactively approach employers on the candidates behalf (registration is required for this)

Further training briefing

On going support tools - A package of downloads to be used by the job seeker when preparing for interviews

To find out more about this service


Call: 0203 119 3319

Warwickshire Police have used the services of Red Snapper Group for outplacement training purposes. The whole experience has been very smooth and the individual feedback to the one to one sessions has been very positive. The information provided was tailored to suit the indiviudals background and work placed skills. As a result we have now extended the training provided beyond the initial 3 months agreed.

Training Support Manager

A worthwhile and informative hour spent with representatives from Red Snapper which identified that there are wide-ranging opportunities available in various market places where skills gained during a full police career can be further utilised to the benefit of all"

Police Officer

We are currently engaged in a series of resettlement presentations to the Forensic Science Service.

This has proved to be an invaluable service.

I found the session to be particularly motivating - your knowledge and honesty about the current market was both welcome and refreshing after a period of great uncertainty for everyone here."
Forensic Scientist FSS

Our accreditations:

REC Reg No - 2009/541
ISO Accreditation
Certificate Number 119601
ISO 9001:2008 

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