Temporary Recruitment

The Red Snapper Group temporary recruitment service has placed over 15,000 temporary staff with approximately 3000 employers since 2004.

We supply our interim staff on standard temporary recruitment terms which require pay and working conditions parity after 12 weeks and on ‘pay between assignments' (PBA) terms which do not require pay parity and offer other advantages.

We recommend PBA terms are used in most instances where we supply staff due to the sensitive nature of the work our contract staff deliver.

PBA terms do away with the need to ensure the temporary worker's pay rates are on par with their permanently employed counter parts and in addition, gives the client the ability to enforce a one month notice period rather than the standard one day notice period which temporary workers are required to give (in reality, temporary staff engaged on traditional temporary worker's contracts do not need to give any notice. Any notice which are written into a temporary workers contract are not enforceable by virtue of the Employment Agencies Act 1973 and The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003)

The clear benefits of this option is the end user would not need to concern themselves with ‘parity rates' instead would be able to recruit temporary staff at ‘market rates' and would also not run the risk of temporary staff, which work in business critical areas, of giving no notice and leaving business managers with a headache.

We supply this service by using Section 10 of the Agency Workers Regulations which provides for alternative pay scales (other than comparable pay provided by the client) to be used provided certain conditions are met. The primary condition is for the individual to be paid a prescribed amount by the agency should a particular client assignment finish, i.e. if they are between assignments or if the need arises to serve notice.

To quote the Department of Innovation and Skills guidance on the Derogation clause, ‘ is because of this pay [between assignments], when the worker is not assigned, that the Regulations provide for the derogation from equal treatment on pay.'

The regulations provide that for a contract to qualify under the ‘pay between assignments' model (often referred to as the Swedish Derogation) it must be a contract of service, i.e. a full employment contract which attaches the full statutory and contractual rights of employer and employee.
It should be noted that derogation from entitlements allowed under the PBA model only applies to pay and not to other working conditions such as holidays.

Our temporary recruitment service supplies highly skilled workers to front line investigation, enforcement, intelligence, community safety, crime analysis, offender supervision and risk & counter fraud roles.

Our temporary recruitment service has become a critical resource for almost every police, probation and local authority in the country along with central government agencies and hundreds of commercial businesses.

Our trusted service provides increased capacity and flexible staffing options for business managers faced with finite and sometimes inflexible in house resources.

Our temporary staff can be on site and working within 48 hours, with full security clearance, to help you manage...

  • staffing gaps such as permanent vacancies, maternity or sick leave
  • sudden increase in workloads or clear a backlog
  • one-off, specialist tasks or projects

Benefits of using temporary staff:

  • Very little or no training required means immediate impact on your team
  • Flexibility to start and finish contracts with as little as 24 hours notice.
  • Paying for skills by the hour gives greater value for money
  • No payroll or HR processes to complete

Typical skills we can provide:

  • Community Safety Officers
  • Anti-social Behaviour Officers
  •  Neighbourhood Wardens
  •  Domestic Abuse Advocates and Caseworkers
  •  Hate Crimes and Preventing Violent Extremism experts
  •  Educational Behaviour Managers
  •  Prolific and Priority Offender Officers
  •  Family Intervention Project workers
  •  Community Fire Safety Advocates
  •  Arson Reduction and Youth Engagement officers
  •  Tenancy Enforcement Officers
  •  CCTV and Surveillance Operatives
  •  Professional Witness services
  •  Drug & Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) workers
  •  Crime Analysts
  •  Town Centre Managers
  •  Architectural Liaison Officers
  •  Community Safety Support and Administration staff


Our accreditations:

REC Reg No - 2009/541
ISO Accreditation
Certificate Number 119601
ISO 9001:2008 

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