Lawyers deem officers from five forces victims of indirect age discrimination

The London Central Employment Tribunal have found that through the unjust appropriation of section A19 of The Police Pensions Regulations, officers from Devon & Cornwall Police, North & South Wales Police, West Midlands and Nottinghamshire Police have been victims of 'indirect age discrimination' due to their mandatory severance in accordance with the statute.

The A19 clause states that: " the general interests of efficiency he [sic] may be required to retire on such date as the police authority determine"

However, lawyers have concluded that it's application in this instance contravenes age discrimination legislation. A result that could mean that the officers involved could be in line for substational compensation. The forces involved now have 42 days to challenge the decision.

Defence lawyers, representing the Nottinghamshire and Devon & Cornwall forces, have concluded that for the improvement of the efficiency of police forces, the legislation passed by Parliment in 1987 was justified.

Graham Cassidy of the National Secretary of the Superintendents Association thinks that this is not the time to feel "triumphant" owing to the large number of remaining legal proceedings to take place.


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