The international law enforcement, police and investigative arena recognises the experience, skills and qualifications of UK police officers and specialist staff. UK police forces are respected across the globe and seen as a benchmark to set standards.

Specialists within Major Crime, Criminal Investigations, Forensics, Cold Case Review, Intelligence, Community Policing, Specialist training, Financial Investigations and Counter Fraud are in strong demand throughout the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We work in partnership with clients and agencies such as the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, SOCA, the Serious Fraud Office, United Nations and HM Revenue & Customs to deliver staff in niche roles.

International Police Forces have received great benefits with the input of training, investigative programmes, and strategic management intervention from the UK.

We can deliver essential components to assist clients and candidates needs - working visa, insurance, post placement advice, tax equalisation, vetting and security clearance.

Typical roles we deliver on:

  • Senior (and deputy) Investigating Officers
  • Crime Analysts and Researchers
  • Intelligence Managers
  • Accredited Fraud & Financial Investigators
  • Detectives / Sgts and Insps
  • HOLMES Indexers
  • Business Managers
  • Crime Trainers
  • Firearms Officers


Our accreditations:

REC Reg No - 2009/541
ISO Accreditation
Certificate Number 119601
ISO 9001:2008 

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