We appreciate just how important providing healthcare services are to an organisation's day-to-day operations, as highlighted across UK policing. This arena has introduced more streamlined practices and cost-effective management around healthcare provision without compromising the high standards of professionalism.

Within the custody setting, the health, safety and wellbeing of detained persons is paramount. There is always widespread public concern when people die or are injured in police custody, so police services are more sharply focused on reducing death rates. They're also open to new and more cost-effective approaches, as an estimated £500,000 on average is spent defending each legal case arising from a death in custody.

Nurses and Forensic Medical Examiners (FMEs) are increasingly playing a valuable role in assessing people held in police custody, with improving response times and overall service levels. We can provide staffing solutions: from effective forensic services and conducting clinical assessments to identifying appropriate interventions, collecting samples and maintaining accurate records.

The supply of qualified occupational health practitioners that are professionally independent is also on the rise. They provide an impartial and confidential service to all members of the police service. The importance of these healthcare professionals, who specialise in the two-way relationship between a person's job and their health, is now more prevalent in the police sector.

Our candidates bring invaluable experience gained within the healthcare sector.

Fully registered Custody Nurses and FMEs will have the equivalent of Band 6 in the NHS and direct experience of working within A&E, community practice nursing or the prison service.

Needless to say, our candidates also possess tact, diplomacy and interpersonal skills. While many have also been trained in custodial care, often with people who have a mental illness, addiction or substance misuse issues.

Our occupational health practitioners hold an occupational health certificate and can demonstrate extensive experience within their field.

Which roles do we specialise in?

  • Forensic Medical Examiners (FMEs)
  • Police Surgeons
  • Custody Nurses
  • Custody Nurse Area Managers
  • Occupational Health Specialists
  • Occupational Health Nurses (OHN)

Our accreditations:

REC Reg No - 2009/541
ISO Accreditation
Certificate Number 119601
ISO 9001:2008 

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